What are the BCAR regulations?
What are the Building Regulations?
Are there any dispensations?
Why have the Amendments been introduced?
What is the context of Building Control in the built environment?
Who is responsible for compliance with the Building Regulations and Building Control Regulations
What are the regulatory considerations in building construction?
What are the key components of the Building Control Acts 1990 and 2007?
What are the key legislative changes underpinning SI 9, 2014?
What is the Building Control Legislation Framework?
What are the key components of the Building Control Regulations/Building Regulations?
How does Building Control interact with other legislation?
What are the key definitions contained in Building Control legislation?
Where can I find key roles, duties, and standard procedures in relation to Building Control?
What are the contents of the Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Works, September 2016?
What are the contents of the Framework for Building Control Authorities, June 2016?
What are the definitions for stakeholders in the Building Control process?
What is the Building Life Cycle Strategic Management Cycle?
What are Ancillary Certifiers?
Who can act as an Assigned Certifier?
How can I appoint a competent builder/designer/assigned certifier?
What are the Documents referenced under the Building Control Act/Building Regulations?
Who can sign a Statutory Declaration?
Commencement, 7-Day, and Building Notices
Who signs the Statutory Building Control Documents provided by the BCMS?
What are the Building Consequence Classes?
Can an owner build their own house by direct labour?
How do I register as a Builder?
Does everything have to be inspected on site?
How frequently are inspections required?
What is a Certificate of Compliance on Completion?
What documents/forms are required to accompany a Commencement Notice/Certificate of Compliance on Completion?
What documents/forms are required to accompany a CCC?
What is the role of the Building Control Authority at completion stage?
What considerations should be given to multi-unit developments?
What construction stages should be inspected, as a minimum, for a one-off house?
What types of works can a Completion Certificate cover?
What considerations should be given when determining the approach to Risk-Based Inspections?
What are the most common building defects observed by Building Control Authorities?
What should the Assigned Certifier undertake to do?
What elements should be inspected by Building Control inspectors at the various construction stages?
Can a development owner opt out retrospectively of statutory certification?
Is there any process or statutory obligations surrounding a development that recommences after a long delay?
Is there an obligation to commence all dwellings on a multi-unit development within the commencement window?
Are equestrian buildings (indoor arenas, training, showjumping or racing facilities) considered agricultural buildings?
What considerations should a Building Control Authority have in proper public administration and governance?
What are some common queries regarding use of the BCMS?
Is there any Building Control guidance on loft conversions?
Do loft/attic conversions fall under the requirement for statutory certification?
Does a derelict dwelling require a BER?
When is a Declaration of Performance required under Construction Products Regulations?
What are the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations , CE Certs and Harmonised Standards?
How do you save a search in the BCMS?
What issues should I consider to ensure compliance with Building Regulations for multi-unit developments?
What factors should govern a Building Control Authority’s inspection?
What languages can a Building Control Authority be expected to communicate in?
What information should be contained on an Authorised Persons card for Building Control Officers?
Once validated, can a Certificate of Compliance on Completion be rescinded?
Can a Board of Management Chairman sign as the ‘Owner’ of statutory documents?
What if false or misleading information is included on a statutory form or supporting document?
What happens if the company director changes during construction?
What happens if a company director who has signed the initial statutory assignments/undertakings on the company’s behalf becomes no longer associated with that company prior to a Certificate of Compliance on Completion being submitted to the local authority?
From which date should a Building Control Authority calculate the Decision Due Date for a Fire Safety Certificate; the date of receipt of an application, or the date of its validation?
Can an applicant appeal a condition attached to a Fire Safety Certificate the subject of a 7-Day Notice?
Can a Disability Access/Fire Safety Certificate application be withdrawn by the applicant; and if so, at what stage?
What happens if the builder/Assigned Certifier changes during construction?
What happens if building/development/works ownership changes during construction?
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