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You spend a third of your life in bed and that could mean 200,000 hours or more! It’s an amazing thought, isn’t it? Your beds need to be somewhere that you want to spend all of that time and it will also become the centrepiece of your room.

Impacting your comfort, the quality of your sleep and the look of your space, your bed is quite possibly the most significant piece of furniture that you will ever buy. All of which means that choosing the right bed is more important than you might have thought.

With so many sizes and styles to choose from, it is worth thinking carefully about what you really need. Which type, size and style of bed would best suit both you and your bedroom? The perfect bed awaits you at EZ Living Furniture. Here’s how to decide exactly which one will enhance both your comfort and your interior while quite possibly solving a few problems for you.

Top 10 Types of Bed
  1. Sleigh bed
  2. Sofa bed
  3. 4 Poster bed
  4. Bunk beds
  5. Triple sleeper
  6. Divan
  7. Ottoman bed
  8. Day bed
  9. High sleeper
  10. Trundle bed
Lending drama and a touch of luxury to your home, a sleigh bed boasts incredible visual impact. Featuring a scrolled headboard and footboard, it would be an impressive centrepiece for your space. Bear in mind that if you are of a taller persuasion, the footboard may not be the feature for you.

Your home may not offer all of the space that you really need and that might mean that you don’t benefit from a spare bedroom. A sofa bed will enable you to create a versatile room and to accommodate guests when you need to. Sofa beds can offer impressive comfort both by day and by night and you won’t need to compromise on style.

Four-poster bed
Definitely stylish statement pieces, four-poster beds bring a sense of grandeur to your rooms. You will feel like royalty in your opulent bed and you may also gain a greater sense of safety and security. Four-poster beds are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. However, these eye-catching pieces maybe a little too much in small rooms with low ceilings.

Offering two beds but the footprint of one, bunk beds are ideal for smaller kid’s bedrooms. Filling vertical space rather than floor space opens up your room, creating a larger play area and enabling you to feature desks, chests and other furniture. Bunks afford privacy in shared rooms and many can be separated when your children are older. L-shaped bunk beds are great for awkward spaces or for adding a funky twist to your interior.

Triple sleepers
Bunk beds are available in a variety of styles including those featuring single beds over doubles or single beds over small doubles. Perfect if you need to accommodate three children in the same bedroom or you would like to include a spare bed, triple sleepers can ensure that your home works well for you.

Manoeuvrable and compact, divan bases are space savers which can incorporate useful storage. Good choices for small rooms or for when you may need to move your bed around your home, divans also enable you to choose your headboard and to change it when you update your decorative scheme.

It can be hard to incorporate all of the storage you need into your home. An ottoman or storage bed offers valuable space beneath to tidy away linens, clothing or anything that you can’t squeeze into your cupboards. You will enjoy easy access to your things and clutter-free space. Better still, you don’t have to sacrifice style to benefit from that handy additional storage.

Similar to sofa beds but incorporating head ends and foot ends, these handy hybrids create multipurpose rooms. Ideal for studio apartments, student accommodation, kid’s bedrooms and studies, day beds provide stylish and comfy seating by day and somewhere to sleep after dark.

High sleeper
Opening up the floor space beneath the bed, a high sleeper is ideal for an older child with a small bedroom. You can create a study area, play space or chill out zone underneath the high bed frame or incorporate additional storage in the room with ease.

A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that you store under the fame of another bed. It could also be a bed which incorporates a second bed on wheels. An excellent investment if your youngster likes to host sleepovers, a trundle enables you to magic up a spare bed in an instant. This type of bed is also a good choice if your children share a small bedroom and neither is comfortable sleeping at height.

10 Things to consider when choosing your bed
  1. Size
  2. Storage
  3. Style
  4. Material
  5. Budget
  6. Headboard
  7. Footboard
  8. Weight the bed can take
  9. Height of the bed
  10. Mattress

Size matters
As the size of your bed could impact your comfort, it is tempting to choose the biggest bed that you can squeeze into space. But you will also need to accommodate a wardrobe, chests, lockers and more. That super king size bed that you cherish could completely dominate the room, make moving around difficult or prevent you from including the storage you need.  Mark out the footprint of the bed where you wish to position it. You can then decide whether a single, small double, double, queen size, king-size or super king-size bed would be the best choice.

Storage matters too
As storage can be problematic, especially in smaller spaces, consider whether you should take advantage of the handy storage that many beds feature. Does your bedroom always feel cluttered? Would it be possible to accommodate another chest? If your bedroom is a mess and another piece of furniture isn’t an option, your bed could provide the solution to your storage issue.

A style that suits your space
Whether you are simply investing in a new bed or you are treating your bedroom to a complete makeover, the style will be a major consideration. Would a contemporary piece complement your décor or do you favour traditional looks? Would you prefer a homely feel, a touch of drama, impressive grandeur or chic simplicity?

Material questions
Do you adore the sumptuous feel of luxurious velvet, the gorgeous grain of solid oak or the chic simplicity of contemporary fabric? Think about the impact of colour and texture on your room, the bedlinen you love and whether you need to match your bed frame to your existing furniture.

Should you bust your budget?
It’s best to establish your budget at the outset. If you are completely revamping your room, think about what portion of your budget you should dedicate to your bed. If your preferred bed is annoyingly over your budget, consider what compromises you could make elsewhere. It might be worth stretching your budget a little, given that your bed is such an important purchase and one which should serve you well for many years.

Heavenly headboards
A headboard will bring a little drama to your interior and can ensure that your bed is the focal point of the room. However, a very high headboard can make low ceilings feel even lower. A colourful, ornate or quirky headboard will lend interest to your room, banishing blandness and putting your personal stamp on your décor. But it could be comforting which is the key consideration if you like to read or watch TV in bed.

Fabulous footboards
Many beds feature footboards and these finishing touches can be incredibly stylish, creating a striking bed which is a statement piece for your home. But footboards can be problematic If you are tall and could mean that your bed is too imposing for your bedroom. If you are unsure whether a footboard would work, place a large piece of cardboard or an old door at the foot of your existing bed to see how a footboard might feel in the space.

Weighty issues
Take into consideration the weight that you expect the bed to support. Not only does the bed frame have to provide countless hours of peaceful sleep to those that lie on it, but it also needs to be able to take the weight of the mattress too.

A Head for Height
Bed bases vary in height and this could influence your choice. Do you find it difficult to climb into a higher bid? Are you prone to falling out of bed? Do you sleepwalk? Would you find it difficult to lift a mattress onto a higher bed? A lower style could be a safer or more practical option while a higher bed would better suit larger spaces. And don’t forget your bedside lockers and nightstands that may be quite a bit lower than the bed height. If you are reaching out in order to place your device or book onto your locker, moments before falling asleep, it may be difficult if you cannot actually see the top of the bedside table.

Marvellous mattresses
Restful sleep is vital to your health and wellbeing. While a stylish bed frame will lift your spirits and enhance your home, it is your mattress which will ultimately dictate how well you sleep. Do you require a firm, medium or soft mattress? Would you benefit from memory foam for pressure relief? Do you need a temperature regulating style to remain comfortable throughout the year? The extensive EZ Living Furniture range offers mattresses boasting all of the features that you need to sleep soundly, night after night.

Making your bed
There is much to think about before choosing your bed, but it will be time well spent. We hope that our guide will help you to make the right decision. Maybe we have mentioned a few issues that you hadn’t previously considered. Perhaps we have reminded you how important your bed really is. We are confident that you will find the perfect bed at EZ Living Furniture. The one that complements your décor, suits the size of your room and solves a few problems. 

Call into any EZ Living stores nationwide or visit online, and speak to one of their sleep specialists for expert advice and ideas.

Life may not always be a bed of roses, but at least you will have an amazing bed!

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